Date Published: 2020-03-13
Date Closing: 2020-06-10 09:00:00
Category: Pest Control Services
Budget: 750,000.00
Procuring Entity: Las Pias General Hospital And Satellite Trauma Center
Area of Delivery: Metro Manila
Classification: Goods - General Support Services
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:

Presence of termites and other pests have been observed on the premises of Las Pias General Hospital and Satellite Trauma Center, thus a comprehensive termite and general pest control is of necessity.

The Approved Budget for the Contract is Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand pesos (Php 750,000.00)

The contract shall be effective for a period of one (1) year and shall commence immediately upon signing of the contract.

- Certificate of product Registration from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for all the chemicals to be used;
- Must be engaged in the business of pest control services continuously for the past five (5) years or more and has successfully undertaken similar treatments in at least three (3) healthcare facilities;
- At least three 93) certification of satisfactory rating issued by current or previous clients;
- Certificate of membership to an existing association of pest association of the Philippines;
- Must be an ISO Certified company;
- Hs certified technicians to be assigned at LPGH&STC who are honest, skilled and well-trained applicators.

- The Contractor shall ensure that all materials, labor and equipment necessary for the implementation of the work are of the best quality and workmanship;
- Termite and pest control treatment shall be undertaken in accordance with the work plan which will be submitted to and approved by LPGH&STC;
- The Contractor shall provide all labor and materials, tools and equipment, supervision and other incidentals for the comprehensive termite and general pest control of LPGH&STC. Such materials, tools and equipment must be at all times kept in good working order;
- The Contractor shall ensure that treatments cover all structures and premises of LPGH&STC;
- The Contractor shall provide the LPGH&STC with a work schedule which shall clearly specify the frequency of the treatments to be carried out. The LPGH&STC shall have the power, as we think fit, to vary the frequency specified in the work schedule;

- Technical and professional Services:
The Contractor shall provide the following technical methods and professional services for the effective termite and pest control of all the premises of LPGH&STC:
a. Termite Control Services
(1) Residual Spraying
This shall be done to enable direct extermination of termites on infested parts of the building. Uninfested areas shall also be treated to provide sufficient protection.
(2) Chemical Dusting
This refers to the application of anti-termite powder to all joints, ends, crevices and cabinets. Emphasis of treatment shall be on the wooden structures of the building.
b. General Pest Control Services
(1) Cockroach Control
Conduct indoor inspection on areas prone to cockroach infestation. Treatment by residual spraying, fogging or misting will be carried out in the whole premises, especially in the suspected hiding and breeding places of cockroaches, such as pantries, toilet areas and drainages.
Cracks and crevices and hidden surfaces shall also be treated with insecticidal solutions. Residual misting and/or spraying will be applied to areas where fogging is not advisable.
(2) Rodent Control
Conduct regular inspection of all potential hiding place and food sources of rodents such as pipe chase, behind appliances, and point of entries as well as regular inspection of all bait traps and bait stations.
Regularly check the outside perimeter of the building for possible rat hiding places such as sewage drains, construction materials and the like.
Install bait stations in hidden places and strategic locations where rodents usually search for food, roam around and congregate.
Set up pipe bait station along the outside perimeter of the building to address rodent problems.
Install cage traps, glue boards, snap and other mechanical devices to augment the baiting technique.
(3) Flying Insect Control
Thoroughly inspect the entire premises to determine the degree of infestation, entry points and unforeseen breeding sites of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.
Regular fogging and/or misting will be done in the premises in accordance with a pre-arranged schedule of treatment.

Use misting machines inside the offices as said machines disperse minutes droplets of insecticide
solution in an aerosol range to attain penetration of hard-to-reach areas or inaccessible area to control mosquitoes and other flying insects.
Apply larvicide upon stagnant water which pose as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
- Chemicals to be Applied:
a. The Contractor shall ensure that the chemicals to be applied, the frequency of application and the company that provides these chemicals are registered with FDA and/or other government agencies regulating the use and licensing of chemicals. In this regard, a certification showing whether these chemicals are registered should be submitted to LPGH&STC.
b. The minimum active ingredients of the chemicals to be provided/supplied by the Contractor shall be approved by FDA and/or other government agencies regulating the use and licensing of chemicals.
c. The Contractor shall ensure that only safe and effective formulations approved by FDA and/or other government agencies regulating the use and licensing of chemicals shall be used.
d. The Contractor shall ensure that all chemicals/solutions to be used shall not pose as a health hazard to the building occupants.
- The Contractor shall conduct retrieval of dead rats and disposal of stray cats
- The Contractor shall submit a monthly Monitoring Report signed by a designated LPGH&STC personnel after conducting pest and/or termite control services.

- The Contractor shall undertake to minimize the impact of the pest control services on the environment;
- The Contractor shall make every endeavor to safeguard health and safety of people against any perils of using pesticides;
- The Contractor shall make every effort to minimize using pesticides when carrying out pest control services;
- All chemicals that will be used by the Contractor must be stored in a container(s) that is impervious to that chemical and sufficiently strong to prevent leakage arising from the ordinary risks of handling and transport. There must be a label on the container(s) setting forth, clearly and distinctly the following:
? The word ?POISON?

The Contractor shall warrant that all preparations and formulations, including the use thereof, will be in accordance with the specifications of its toxicologist. Insecticides that are biodegradable in nature and only chemicals certified by the proper government authorities as safe shall be used;
- The Contractor shall provide the LPGH&STC with a statement of health and safety measures that will be undertaken by the contractor in performance of its pest control service;
- The contractor shall exercise extraordinary diligence in the performance of its services to ensure that no illness or accident will happen to any of its employees and to LPGH&STC personnel, patients and guest. The Contractor shall assume full responsibility for any claim or liability that may arise by reason of illness, accident, injury or death of any person and/or damage due to any or all acts of omission, negligence or fault of the Contractor, its agents, employees, servants or workers, thereby rendering LPGH&STC free and exempt from any such claim or liability.

- The Contractor shall, at his/her discretion, conduct actual site inspection of the project to be supported by a certification from the LPGH&STC. The supplier shall notify the BAC Secretariat one (1) day in advance of the said site inspection;
- The Contractor shall warrant that the services to be rendered will effectively exterminate any and all pest, insects and rodents without the visible presence and disturbing odor of smoke and fumes. Should the LPGH&STC find the services to be ineffective as evidenced by the continuous presence of termites, cockroaches, mice and other common house pests and insects, LPGH&STC reserves the right to terminate the contract. In such case, LPGH&STC shall not be obliged to pay the supplier for the services rendered;
- The Contractor shall agree that only honed, skilled and well-trained service technicians will be assigned to LPGH&STC premises to ensure correct treatment of pests and proper application of chemicals;
- All personnel of the Contractor must wear the company uniform and identification cards whenever they conduct pest and termite control services;
- The Contractor shall agree that some of the required services shall be conducted after office hours, as maybe determined by LPGH&STC in order not to disturb or disrupt the working schedule of its personnel;
- The Contractor shall render on-call service in between schedule without additional cost to LPGH&STC, including performing immediate special or additional

service should there be a sudden outbreak of infestation at the LPGH&STC premises, also at no cost to LPGH&STC;
- The Contractor shall assign a work force sufficient to carry out or implement the service;
- A Quality Control Supervisor affiliated with the Contractor shall visit the LPGH&STC premises once a month or whenever necessary to undertake the following:
? Coordinate with the LPGH&STC?s representative in evaluating the effectiveness of the Contractor?s pest control services;
? Serve as pest control consultant by recommending ways and means to control infestation and to improve service delivery;
? Provide free on-the-job technical training on pest control and management, handling and application of chemicals and other related matters to concerned LPGH&STC personnel

Technical Evaluation (60%)

Maximum Score

Experience in providing pest control 40
services for healthcare facilities

Years of technical expertise in providing 25
adequate pest control services in the

ISO Certified 15

Satisfactory rating certificate and 10
membership to an existing
association of pest exterminators

Expertise of technicians to be assigned 10
at LPGH&STC 100 points

Financial Evaluation (40%)

Scoring System
Experience in providing pest control services for healthcare facilities
20 points ? 3 health facilities
25 points ? 4 health facilities
30 points ? 5 health facilities
35 points ? 6 health facilities
40 points ? 7 health facilities &
Years of technical expertise in providing adequate pest control services in the Philippines
15 points ? 5 years
17 points ? 6 years
19 points ? 7 years
21 points ? 8 years
23 points ? 9 years
25 points ? 10 years & above
ISO Certified
5 points ? 1 year & below as ISO certified
10 points ? 2-3 years as ISO Certified
15 points ? 4 years and above as ISO certified

Satisfactory Rating Certificate and membership to an existing association of pest exterminators
5 points ? 4 certificates
6 points ? 5 certificates
7 points ? 6 certificates
8 points ? 7 certificates
9 points ? 8 certificates
10 points ? 9 certificate and above

Expertise of technicians to be assigned at LPGH&STC (to present training certificates)
5 points ? 1 certificate
6 points ? 2 certificates
7 points ? 3 certificates
8 points ? 4 certificates
9 points ? 5 certificates
10 points ? 6 certificates and above

The Contractor shall submit a billing proposal reflecting the breakdown of the bid amount. Processing of payments shall be based on the billing proposal approved by the LPGH&STC and upon submission of service reports and statement of account.