Date Published: 2020-05-28
Date Closing: 2020-06-17 16:00:00
Category: Musical Instruments
Budget: 1,211,917.73
Procuring Entity: Central Mindanao University
Area of Delivery: Bukidnon
Classification: Goods
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:

1 Unit ****LED 3W 3in1 RGB Full Color Led par light
2 Unit 1 Guitar Amplifier (Power:85 watts Drivers:12" Custom Driver + Switchable HF horn Inputs: Normal & High, CD Input: Yes (mini Jack)/No Headphone Socket,Switchable compressor and Switchable limiter)
3 Unit 1 Bass Guitar
4 Unit 1 Bass Amplifier (power;120 watts Drivers: 15' Custom Driver+Switchable HF horn Inputs: Normal & High,CD Input: Yes (mini Jack)/No Headphone Socket,Switchable compressor and Switchable
5 Unit 1 Mixing Console (30 channel xlr/pl mic line,digital control panel, digital control)
6 Unit 1 Electric Guitar
7 Unit 2 Subwoofer K-LA118-DSP Active dsp, freg 32hz-150hz
Max 137db spl/1m Class d amp,1600watts
8 Unit 5 Speakers: K-LA28/K-LA28-MA, 3 way active dsp controlled full range spkr freg response 60 hz-20hz(-6db anechoic chamber) Rated power (AES standard:If 400 watts HF-50 watts) LF/HF Driver BEYMA , Sensitivity:96db/1w/1m Max128db
9 Unit 1 Electric Keyboard (Smart Keyboard controller for all your virtual instruments)
Pro-grade fatar Keybeds with aftertouch-61 semi-weighted keys
Ergonomic pitch and mod wheels,plus touchstrip for expression control
Pre-mapped control of KOMPLETE instruments and hundreds of native kontrol standard (NKS) instruments from leading manufactures
10 Unit 1 Acoustic Guitar
11 Unit 1 DRUM SET: (Drums Included:22x16 Bass Drum, 1x8 tom,12x9 tom,16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum
Cymbals included: 16"Brass Crash-Ride, 14" Hybrid Hi-Hats,
Hardware Included: Cymbal Stand,Hi-Hat Stand,Snare Stand,
Bass Drum Pedal,Throne, 2 Tom Holders)
12 Unit 1 DMX Control,lighting console,moving Head LED Light Control (30 channels)
13 Unit 6 LED Spot Moving Moving Head Light (60 watts)
Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect, Power:100W, Model Number:60S, Style:DMX Stage Light
Voltage:AC****V,Voltage:****V 50-60HZ, Light Source:1pc 60W Led,Playing Mode: Auto-running,sound-activated,DMX512,amster-sia
X/Y:540 degrees,speed can be controlled,270degrees, color wheel: 7 color+open,rainbow-flow effect
Color wheel:7 color+open,rainbow-flow effect
Gobo wheel:7 gobo+open,gobo-flow effect,gobo shake)