Purchase of Tsunami Early Warning Device - Alerting Siren Components

Date Published: 2020-05-28
Date Closing: 2020-06-29 14:00:00
Category: Hydrological Instruments
Budget: 370,000.00
Procuring Entity: Municipality Of Kiamba, Sarangani
Area of Delivery: Sarangani
Classification: Goods
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding

This Opportunity has Expired

Project Description:

TEWS-Alerting Siren Components
Set includes:
1. DOST-ASTI arQ Data Logger
2. One set production and assembly of controller box with manual trigger
a. 1 enclosure box with customized interface holes
b. 1 pc of fabrication of TEWS trigger switch board
c. 1 pc acid lead battery
d. 2 arQ Clip Holder
e. 1 pc black plate and switch panel mounting fixture for warning station controller box
f. 1 solar charge controller
g. 10 pcs protective vents
h. 8 sets of cable assemblies
i. 1 customized waterproof sticker foe enclosure box
j. 2 pcs siren/beacon to TSB interface
k. 2 pcs solar panel to TSB interface
3. GSM Outdoor Antennae
4. 3 pcs Siren with cable assembly
5. Beacon with Assembly
6. 30w Solar Panel with Cable Assembly
7. 1 set stainless mechanical mountings
a. Solar panel bracket and holder
b. Siren Holder
c. Beacon cage and Beacon base
d. Enclosure box bracket
e. Back plate and TEWS trigger switch panel assembly
f. Miscellaneous (Bolts, nuts, washers)
Note: The software and hardware should be compatible to the current community Tsunami Early Warning System of DOST-PHIVOLCS.