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Projects by Category

Advertising Agency Services
(14 projects)
Agricultural Chemicals
(25 projects)
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
(279 projects)
Agricultural Products (Seeds, Seedlings, Plants..)
(235 projects)
Airconditioning and Airconditioning Systems
(176 projects)
Airconditioning Maintenance Services
(41 projects)
Aircraft Spare Parts
(61 projects)
Ammunitions and Explosives
(19 projects)
Animal Feeds
(37 projects)
(124 projects)
Architectural Design
(5 projects)
Arts and Crafts Accessories and Supplies
(13 projects)
Audio and Visual Equipment
(99 projects)
Automation Equipment
(8 projects)
Aviation Products
(5 projects)
Aviation Services
(1 projects)
Bedclothes, Linens and Towels
(11 projects)
(10 projects)
Books, Maps and Other Publications
(67 projects)
Cargo Forwarding and Hauling Services
(13 projects)
Catering Services
(1149 projects)
Chemical Detergents
(1 projects)
Chemicals and Chemical Products
(51 projects)
Communication Equipment
(80 projects)
Communication Equipment & Parts and Accessories
(69 projects)
Computer Furniture
(22 projects)
Construction Equipment
(103 projects)
Construction Management Services
(28 projects)
Construction Materials and Supplies
(1933 projects)
Construction Projects
(8602 projects)
Consulting Services
(264 projects)
Corporate Giveaways
(55 projects)
Dairy Products
(7 projects)
Diagnostic and Laboratory Services
(14 projects)
Drugs and Medicines
(618 projects)
Editorial, Design, Graphic and Fine Art Services
(6 projects)
Education and Training Services
(37 projects)
Educational Materials and Supplies
(167 projects)
Electrical Supplies
(167 projects)
Electrical Systems and Lighting Components
(281 projects)
Electronic Parts and Components
(42 projects)
Engineering and Laboratory Testing Equipment
(21 projects)
Environmental Health/Safety Equipment
(47 projects)
Events Management
(40 projects)
(66 projects)
Financial and Insurance Services
(2 projects)
Fire Fighting & Rescue and Safety Equipment
(131 projects)
(76 projects)
(2 projects)
Food Processing Equipment
(41 projects)
Food Stuff
(533 projects)
Freight Forwarder Services
(5 projects)
Fuels/Fuel Additives & Lubricants & Anti Corrosive
(421 projects)
Funeral and Associated Services
(5 projects)
(299 projects)
Furniture Parts and Accessories
(29 projects)
Games and Toys
(10 projects)
Gaming Equipment and Paraphernalia
(6 projects)
(164 projects)
General Contractor
(122 projects)
General Engineering Services
(46 projects)
General Merchandise
(1272 projects)
General Repair and Maintenance Services
(149 projects)
Geotechnical Instrumentation
(10 projects)
Grocery Items
(291 projects)
Guns and Weapons
(9 projects)
Hardware and Construction Supplies
(276 projects)
Hospital / Medical Equipment
(138 projects)
Hospital / Medical Equipment Services
(13 projects)
Hotel and Lodging and Meeting Facilities
(342 projects)
Hydrological Instruments
(3 projects)
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
(123 projects)
Industrial pumps and compressors
(50 projects)
Industrial Safety Equipment
(3 projects)
Information Technology
(669 projects)
Information Technology Parts & Accessories & Perip
(362 projects)
Internet Services
(64 projects)
Investigative Equipment
(3 projects)
IT Broadcasting and Telecommunications
(12 projects)
Janitorial Equipment
(9 projects)
Janitorial Services
(119 projects)
Janitorial Supplies
(78 projects)
(37 projects)
Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
(361 projects)
Landscaping Services
(11 projects)
Laundry Services
(4 projects)
Lease and Rental of Property or Building
(51 projects)
Lifting equipment and accessories
(12 projects)
Live Animals (Livestock, Birds, Live fish & etc..)
(76 projects)
Machine Tools
(35 projects)
Mail and Cargo Transport Services
(6 projects)
Marine Transport
(19 projects)
Maritime Spare Parts
(7 projects)
Medical and Dental Equipment
(177 projects)
Medical Supplies and Laboratory Instrument
(535 projects)
Metal Fabrication
(22 projects)
Meteorological Equipments and Instruments
(5 projects)
Microfilm Equipment - Supplies and Accesories
(1 projects)
Musical Instrument Parts and Accesories
(11 projects)
Musical Instruments
(11 projects)
Navigation Equipment
(9 projects)
(22 projects)
Office Equipment
(761 projects)
Office Equipment Parts and Accessories
(76 projects)
Office Equipment Supplies and Consumables
(484 projects)
Office Supplies and Devices
(781 projects)
Oil/Heat Chemical Resistant Rubber
(1 projects)
Ordnance Products
(12 projects)
Packaging Supplies and Materials
(12 projects)
Packed Food Distributor
(3 projects)
Paper Materials and Products
(16 projects)
Personal Care Products
(15 projects)
Pest Control Products
(13 projects)
Pest Control Services
(16 projects)
Photographic Equipment
(23 projects)
Photographic Parts, Supplies and Accessories
(4 projects)
Photography Services
(7 projects)
Plastic Products
(34 projects)
Power Generation and Distribution Machinery
(82 projects)
Preserved or Processed Foods
(4 projects)
Print and Broadcast and Aerial Advertising
(13 projects)
Printing Services
(314 projects)
Printing Supplies
(58 projects)
Public Relations Programs or Services
(5 projects)
Purses, handbags and bags
(12 projects)
Pyrotechnics and Fireworks
(9 projects)
Quartermaster Items
(20 projects)
Radiological/Diagnostic Equipment
(4 projects)
Real Estate Developement and Maintenance
(1 projects)
Reproduction Services
(20 projects)
Rice Milling Services
(7 projects)
Safety and Occupational Products
(71 projects)
Sale of Property or Building
(1 projects)
Security Services
(242 projects)
Security Surveillance and Detection Equipment
(110 projects)
(305 projects)
Signage and Accessories
(56 projects)
Sporting Goods
(129 projects)
Structured Cabling
(6 projects)
Surveying Instruments
(44 projects)
Surveying Services
(26 projects)
Systems Integration
(14 projects)
Telecommunications Engineering
(1 projects)
Telecommunications Provider
(20 projects)
(19 projects)
Timepieces and Jewelry and Gemstone Products
(1 projects)
Tokens and Awards
(60 projects)
Traffic Control Systems
(12 projects)
Transmission and Distribution Lines
(6 projects)
Transportation and Communications Services
(70 projects)
Travel, Food, Lodging and Entertainment Services
(90 projects)
Vehicle Parts and Accessories
(342 projects)
Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
(223 projects)
(748 projects)
Veterinary Products and Supplies
(39 projects)
Video Production Services
(12 projects)
Waste Management and Recycling
(56 projects)
Water and Waste Water Treatment Supply & Disposal
(34 projects)
Water Service Connection Materials/Fittings
(171 projects)
Well Drilling and Construction Services
(41 projects)